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Hotel location

The Avatar Hotel located on a quiet street in the immediate vicinity of the historic center of the city of Pskov. Victory Square, St. Basil complex, and Mirozh monastery is located within a 15-20 minute leisurely walk to the north and 10 minutes from the bus and train stations. Also within walking distance are restaurants, cafes, shopping and entertainment centers.

About Pskov

Pskov is a city in north-west Russia and the administrative center of Pskov district and Pskov region. It is located on the Great River which flows into Lake Pskov. In December 2009, Pskov awarded the title of "City of Military Glory”.

Pskov first mentioned in the year 903 ("The Tale of Bygone Years", Laurentian Chronicle). In X - XII centuries in the early part of Kievan Rus. Pskov is one of the oldest cities in Russia. Archaeological excavations in the Pskov Kremlin, showed that in the IX century, we find there was a Slavic settlement of earthen and wooden fortifications. The existence of the city in those days, was confirmed by the Chronicle, which reported a 903 year about bringing Prince Igor's wife Olga "from Pskov." Princess Olga of Pskov is considered their patron and constantly praise her.

The oldest part of the city is Krom (Pskov Kremlin). One can also enjoy the view of preserved Mirozhy (1156), Ivanov (1243) and Snetogorsk (1310) cathedrals, monasteries and the churches of Basil on the Hill (1413), Cosmas and Damian (1463) and many others.

Attractions Pskov region

The Holy Dormition Pskov-Caves Monastery - one of the largest and most famous monasteries in Russia with a long history of ~ 48 km

Izborsk - one of the oldest Russian cities ~ 32 km

Trigorskoye - Museum-Estate of friends Pushkin ~ 120 km

The Memorial Museum of AS Pushkin "Mikhailovskoe" ~ 120 km

Estate Museum Seto nation - the only State Folk Seto in Russia ~ 43 km

Nikandrova Holy Annunciation Desert - a functioning monastery in Porkhov district of the Pskov region ~ 65 km

Krypetsky Monastery - is a Russian Orthodox monastery situated 23 km from Pskov

Memorial Museum NA Rimsky-Korsakov - Museum composer NA Rimsky-Korsakov, located in the district of the Pskov region Plyussa ~ 110 km

Museum-Reserve MP Mussorgsky - the world's only museum of Russian composer Modest Petrovich Mussorgsky. Located in the village of Naumovo Pskov region on the shores of Lake Zhizhitskogo ~ 330 km

Distance from major cities

Novgorod ~ 217 km

St. Petersburg ~ 278 km

Riga ~ 283 km

Tallinn ~ 345 km

Vilnius ~ 430 km

Vitebsk ~ 351 km

Tver ~ 578 km

Moscow ~ 743 km

Kiev ~ 945 km

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